Spinal Cord Simulator Implantation

What is Spinal Cord Stimulator Implantation?

Neurostimulation therapy treatment, or spinal cord stimulation, is the safe delivery of low voltage electricity to the dorsal column or peripheral nerves. With neurostimulation therapy, the pain stimulator inhibits pain signals before they reach the brain and replaces pain signals with a soothing, tingling sensation that covers the specific area where pain is felt.
The neurostimulation therapy treatment is an implantable, reversible system that allows patients to control their level of impulses with a handheld device. This neurostimulation therapy treatment is a simple outpatient procedure done first in a trial form, where a patient tries the neurostimulation therapy device for three to seven days to see if they are happy with the results. If they have successful pain relief through neurostimulation therapy, the neurostimulator is then implanted permanently and can be removed with no harm, at any time.

Benefits of Neurostimulation Therapy Treatment:

• Replaces pain signals with soothing, tingling sensation
• Reversible trial is completed for four to seven days to determine effectiveness of therapy
• Outpatient procedure, little recovery time needed
• Ability to sit, walk and stand for longer periods
• Reversible system can be removed at any time
• Reduces need for oral medications
• Patient-controlled programmer allows for customization of pain control

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